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What are the opening times of the festival village?

Friday, Saturday




What are the advantages of a VIP-Weekendpass?

You benefit from a separate entrance, faster festival access, access to the VIP chillout area, dome access on a elevated VIP platform, as well as a stand-up aperitif, including a stage terrace at the front.

Is a Snowpass included in my festival pass or combo-package?

A Snowpass is not included in your Festivalpass.

However, you can book a Combo-Package from one of our exclusive hotel partners, where you can additionally buy a 2-Day-Ski Pass for an amazing price.

Be aware that also other hotels might offer attractive Sleep&Ski deals for the duration of your stay. 

Additionally you can buy your Skipasses directly on the Homepage of Engadin.ch (Skipass Angebote | Engadin, Schweiz). Details on possible SnowDeals especially for SunIce coming soon.

How many DJs will be present at the SunIce Festival 2022?

There will be more than 40 nationally and internationally known EDM and techno artists.

How many stages does the SunIce Festival have?

There will be 4 stages. Two of them will be located within the festival village on Salastrains and the other two will be hosted by two ski huts in the Corviglia skiing area.

Will the acts remain the same as announced for the SunIce Festival 2020?

We have put together a unique line-up for you which will surely look familiar to you. Over the coming weeks, the confirmed DJs for the SunIce 2022 will be announced gradually. Stay tuned!

When will I receive my tickets?

The tickets you already received from us for SunIce Festival 2020 will remain valid for the upcoming festival in March 2022, so your tickets and their barcodes (whether printed or as PDF) are still valid.

Will there be a Test-Center?

Depending on the pandemic situation and the 3G regulations, we will offer a test centre. Further information will follow.

Will 3G be enforced at SunIce Festival?

As of today’s circumstances, yes, a Covid-Certificate will be required at SunIce Festval. The certificate may or may not be obligatory for events in April 2022, this is not up to us to decide.

Is the Festival an Openair?

No, the mainstage of SunIce Festival is indoors in our dome mainstage. Mountain stages and the openair stage (right beside the festival dome mainstage) are outdoors.

Are my Tickets for SunIce 2020/2021 still valid?

Yes, your tickets are still valid for SunIce 2022.

How do I get to St. Moritz?

We recommend our partner Eurobus to get to St. Moritz from a city near you. Other options include car and the scenic Albula Line train ride.

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