Essential Info about SunIce Festival 2022

SunIce 2022 Festival Guide

Thanks for visiting our guide! Here you will find details and info for your entire SunIce Festival experience, from start to end.

As SunIce Festival 2022 nears, we will update this with more current information.


A pleasant and affordable stay for our guests is essential to our experience and is very important to us. We’ve partnered with several hotels in St. Moritz for attractive deals.

For SunIce Festival 2022, we are also offering Combo-Packages that include festival passes and hotel stays.


With Eurobus as our travel partner, getting to St. Moritz is a comfortable breeze. Eurobus ensures a safe, quick travel from one of five cities near you.

You can purchase the Eurobus ride directly with your festival or combo-ticket on SeeTickets.

Mountain Map

Get oriented

A quick overview of where our four stages are located in St. Moritz.


When will I receive my tickets?

Is there a age limit?

Are my Tickets for SunIce 2020/2021 still valid?

Is the Festival an Openair?

How do I get to St. Moritz?

Will the festival take place in April 2022 due to the Covid-19 situation?

What are the advantages of a VIP-Weekendpass?

These and many other questions are answered on the frequently asked questions page.

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