About Us

From home party ragers to SunIce Festival – this is us and our story.

Our Story


A bit more than four years ago, the first "NoTomorrow" Party launched in St. Moritz to combat the dying nightlife of the upper Engadin. With a "full" house of 140 guests, the party was a success, and the second issue followed shortly after.

Expanding through Switzerland

The dream to expand our parties through Switzerland quickly came apparent. Said – done: Picas Samedan, Cult Scuol, Kulturhaus Chur, Club Q Zürich, Flöesserplatz Aarau, Loucy Chur, Härterei Zürich, Mäx Zürich, Moon Basel

SunIce Festival

The idea

The focus on combating the dying Engadin nightlife was quickly lost in expanding over Switzerland, and SunIce Festival takes this thought back to the roots. The idea to create a higher festival experience on a national level, to bring locals and people from all places together "on top of the world" was born in summer 2018, and has since crystalized into SunIce Festival – a lifestyle experience.

The Team

Loris Moser


Quirin Hasler


Cedric Wyss

Head of Human Resources

Celine Keller

Assistant of the Board, Head of Communication

Jessica Haefelfinger

Head of Beverage

Luca Raffi

Head of Finance

Nicola Dutoit

Art Director

Silvan Obrecht

Head of Bookings

Stephanie Krouthen

Head of Sponsoring

Yanis Mohler

Head of Marketing