Here you will find specific popular questions and their answers for everything at SunIce Festival.

Where can I sleep during the festival?

Since camping in the cold winter world of St. Moritz in March is not a really good idea, we have several hotel partners locally, in which our visitors can get reduced rooms. Whether you look for a unique Luxury Suite, a cosy AirBnB or a down-to-earth Hostel Room, there is an offer for everyone. check it out, here.

What is the best way to get to St. Moritz?

The best way to get to St. Moritz during our festival is with our partner Eurobus. From 5 cities in Switzerland you can arrive with your friends directly by bus - that means no tedious baggage lugging and already good vibes on the way there. And after the festival Eurobus will bring you back safely. More information can be found here.

What happens to my ticket from 2020?

Your ticket for 2020 remains valid and is automatically converted into a ticket for the SunIce Festival 2021.

Will there be a SunIce Festival 2021?

The current situation is very uncertain and predictions for the future are almost impossible. But we believe that a lot can change until March 2021 and giving up is out of the question for us at the moment.  For this reason, we are working on the planning for the SunIce Festival 2021 in close contact with the cantonal and local authorities.

A carefully worked out protective concept, including contact tracing, should adapt the festival to the current situation and thus make it possible.

So we are optimistic and firmly believe that the SunIce Festival 2021 will take place, but we also remain realistic.

Will the acts remain the same as announced for the SunIce Festival 2020?

We have put together a unique line-up for you, which will surely look familiar to you.

Over the coming months, the confirmed DJs for the SunIce 2021 will be announced gradually.

Stay tuned!

What does the protective concept provide?

Since the protective concept is not yet definitive, we cannot yet say too much. But what it will certainly include is a limited number of visitors, contact tracing, distance and mask rules as well as hygiene regulations.