First "Road to SunIce" party sold out

In July 2021 the first "Road to SunIce" party took place in Zurich.

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With almost 700 guests and an event location directly on the shores of Lake Zurich (Secret Island) that was booked to full capacity, we were finally able to step on the gas again - with a whole lot of passion

On July 23rd we hosted the SunIce at Secret Island ( in Zurich Tiefenbrunnen. After such a long time of silence due to the pandemic we were finally able to spend an unforgettable evening full of SunIce vibes with our community again. The 700 visitors to the party celebrated life to melodic techno and house music from local Zurich DJs (CEM, Yannick Müller B2B D. Caboose, Dario La Mazza) in high summer temperatures and under clear skies.

Supported by those talented DJs, the great party location, a hyped audience, and the well-known Swiss Comedian Kiko, we were able to show once more what the SunIce Festival stands for: fun, nice tunes, and a unique lifestyle experience. We take this successful evening as inspiration and source of energy for what we will achieve as a team - especially next April. We are now more than ready for the grand finale of the Road to SunIce - the SunIce Festival in St. Moritz in April 2022.

The presale for the festival tickets has already started on Seetickets ( and the preparations for the premiere are in full swing. The SunIce Festival 2022 will take place from 01 to 03 of April 2022 in front of a breathtaking mountain panorama in the ski resort of St. Moritz. Until then, depending on the pandemic situation in Switzerland, more stops on the Road to SunIce will follow. We cannot wait to celebrate with you!

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