Creating a Covid-compatible festival

October 26, 2020

SunIce 2021 date and important news


For our customers, and the SunIce Team alike, 2020 surely has been a wild ride in almost every aspect of life. The forced postponement of SunIce Festival to 2021 was a harsh reality that we accepted in the name of public health.

The quiet summer has given us time to clear our heads, go back to the drawing board and adapt our entire concept according to the current situation. The new SunIce still has the same vision of being an exclusive lifestyle experience rather than just a music festival, while always conforming to guidelines and being a safe, yet enjoyable and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

It is at our core to be transparent about our strategy and progress, and to stay flexible with the ever-developing situation. In support of this, we are also launching our new platform Tik Tok, where we’ll be sharing behind the scenes insights of who we are and how we’re working towards the goal of a successful premiere of SunIce Festival.

With all this, we are confidently, but mindfully announcing the new date for SunIce Festival: 19–21 March 2021.

Our Vision & Strategy

While our main focus for SunIce Festival is still the same; creating an exclusive, unforgettable lifestyle experience in St. Moritz, our ways of executing this concept had to adapt to the current situation. The current situation generally disfavors large groups of people, which is why we’ve decided to significantly reduce the overall amount of visitors to be more familiar, overseeable as well as controllable and therefore enabling us to better implement our Protection Concept mentioned below.

This reduction not only allows us to create a safer, more familiar space, but also enables us to make the SunIce experience more exclusive and unique for each and every visitor. One could consider SunIce Festival 2021 a smaller prototype for future years, when we will hopefully be able to create an experience not impacted by Covid-19.

Currently planned protective measures

In light of our transparent philosophy, here are the measures we currently have planned to significantly reduce the risk of Covid-19 infections and comply with federal and cantonal guidelines at our festival. Keep in mind that 19–21 March 2021 ist still 5 months out, which means a lot can change regarding the ongoing situation.

Significant reduction of visitor capacity

To make the festival as safe as possible and in order to comply with the pandemic-related guidelines, we have decided to allow only a limited number of guests. As a result, the SunIce Festival 2021 will be an even more exclusive lifestyle experience for you. 

Contact tracing

To guarantee secure contact tracing, we will work together with the Swiss App “Mindful Check-In”, which is also used by many renowned event organizers. 

Sectors in the mainstage

In order to specify the contact tracing and to make the festival experience safer for our customers, the areas in front of the stages will be divided into sectors to which the guests are assigned during the whole time of the festival.

General precautions 

In general, there will be already common distancing rules and hygiene regulations in place. In addition, our protective concept foresees the wearing of masks in those areas where the necessary distance among festival guests cannot be guaranteed.

What’s next

We are announcing the new date for SunIce Festival today!
However, as you might have noticed, there are no tickets on sale quite yet. We will have our “big” launch event later in the year, when we’ve ironed out some details of the protective measures and have them all approved by authorities. A big factor of this is the uncertainty in the capacity that the festival will be able to take place, and in turn the uncertainty of how many tickets we can sell. When we’re fully planned out and the capacity is approved by local authorities, and only then, will we put further tickets on sale for 2021 and start our renowned marketing campaign

Until then, we thank you for your countless acts of support, wish you good health and are excited to take you on our journey for SunIce Festival 2021.

Your SunIce Team