SunIce 2023/2024: The Season Begins

Prepping for SunIce 2023/2024—new partners, lineup, and a stellar NPS!

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The 2023 / 2024 SunIce season has officially begun! 🚀

For about a month now, our team has been actively preparing for the upcoming SunIce season. Current topics:

Organisational Structure / Funding / Sponsorship / Booking / Customer Experience.  🤔

Within no time, our festival has developed into a nationwide brand with national recognition. After only one year, we were able to win prestigious companies such as Sunrise, Genesis, IQOS or Edelweiss as partners of the SunIce Festival. 🏆

Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an incredible 9 out of 10 (3000 guest surveys). 🥇

The SunIce brand stands for lifestyle, exclusivity, for an experience like no other. ⛷️

Even Google knows what has long been a fact: if you Google "the Coachella of the mountains", you will inevitably come across the SunIce Festival.  🏔️

First Stop: SunIce Streetparade LoveMobile - The Wild Ride! (12.08.23)

We are ready and can't wait for the upcoming season! 🎯

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