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Our Story


More than five years ago, the first "NoTomorrow" Party launched in St. Moritz to combat the dying nightlife of the upper Engadin. With a "full" house of 140 guests, the party was a success, and the second issue followed shortly after.

Expanding through Switzerland

The dream to expand our parties through Switzerland quickly came apparent. Said – done: Picas Samedan, Cult Scuol, Kulturhaus Chur, Club Q Zürich, Flöesserplatz Aarau, Loucy Chur, Härterei Zürich, Mäx Zürich, Moon Basel.

Humble beginnings: Traphouse party in Chur in early 2018

The Idea

Dying nightlife in St. Moritz

The focus on combating the dying Engadin nightlife was quickly lost in expanding over Switzerland, and SunIce Festival takes this thought back to the roots.


The idea to create a higher festival experience on a national level, to bring locals and people from all places together "on top of the world" was born in summer 2018, and has since crystalized into SunIce Festival – a lifestyle experience.

The first SunIce content production in March 2019, one year before the planned premiere.

Ups & Downs

Autumn 2019

The marketing campaign for the planned premiere in March 2020 was a massive success and reached a large majority of Switzerland in one way or another.

28 February 2020

Just two weeks before the long-awaited premiere of SunIce Festival, the federal council announced first measures to contain the then still new and unknown coronavirus. SunIce Festival, affected by these measures, was forced to postpone its launch into spring 2021.

SunIce Festival was one of the first large events to be affected by measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
Early 2021

Against all odds and expectations, the coronavirus still had the event screne tight in its grip, even a year after. With great disappointment, SunIce was once again required to postpone its launch to April 2022.

Ambassador Contest

Despite the second postponement, SunIce was all but asleep. Instead of a festival, SunIce launched the “SunIce Ambassador Contest”. 128 Micro-Influencers fought for Switzerland’s most desired contest, generating over 3 Million votes over 2 months. The Ambassador Contest ended with an unforgettable weekend in St. Moritz itself, where Joya Steiner was crowned the new face of SunIce.

Chiara, Michele and Joya, the three finalists of the SunIce Ambassador Contest


Road to SunIce Festival

With vaccinations and declining Covid-19 cases, limited events were possible again in Summer 2021. SunIce launched its first physical event since 2 years with the year’s first Road to SunIce party. The event, held on July 23 2021 at Secret Island in Zürich signified a definite recovery from the claws of the pandemic and laid the carpet for a successful SunIce Season.

Road to SunIce at Secret Island in July 2021

Meet The SunIce Team

Entirely Committed to making your SunIce Experience Unforgettable

Loris Moser

Co-Founder & CEO

Quirin Hasler

Co-Founder & Advisor

Tarzis Bono

Head of Strategy & Business Development

Stéphanie Krouthén

Head of Marketing

Yanis Mohler

Head of Social Media

Luana Sforza

Sponsoring Manager

Jessica Haefelfinger

Head of Beverage

Céline Keller

Head of Media & Communication

Luca Raffi

Head of Finance

Silvan Obrecht

Head of Bookings

Alexandra Candea

Head of Hotel Coordination

Merle von Allmen

Assistant of the Board

Nicola Dutoit

Art Director

Vanessa Biber

Art Direction Intern

Marco Rosser

Project Lead

Mefael Billwiller

Head of Logistics

Julian Homann

Bar Management