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The SunIce Close Circle on Whatsapp is now active, bringing you a wave of festival special treats. By entering this circle, you're not just joining a group, you're stepping into the lively world of SunIce Festival. Be among the first to grab tickets, peek at the awesome DJ line-ups, get hotel deals and join in cool giveaways. The amazing ride of SunIce Festival gets even better with this close circle right there on your phone. Your adventure into a world of endless dancing, love, and joy in the heart of the Engadine mountains starts with just a click. The Circle is more than a group; it’s your ticket to a place where the beats of techno and electronic music buzz with every fun update. So why wait? Join the SunIce Close Circle on Whatsapp now and let the beat of exclusivity make your festival time a series of unforgettable moments!

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