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Join us for the hottest ride around Lake Zürich on 13 August 2022 for the Street Parade, the biggest techno parade in the world!

Welcome to Summer with SunIce!

SunIce Festival 2022 is over, but we have plans!

To mark the first Covid-Free summer, we’ve put together a fine collection of summer events to make your sunny time of the year the best it can be.

Saturday, 13 August 2022

Our Baywatch-Themed Lovemobile brings Switzerland’s hottest lifeguards to Zürich for their day off. There will be no shortage of bass, drinks and summer heat on the wagon as it makes it around Lake Zürich for the 3rd time. Dance along the most exclusive spots at the biggest techno parade in the world.

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Details on check-in/boarding will be provided closer to the parade, but is usually carried out along the route near Feldeggstrasse around 2pm.


Absolutely no drugs on the Lovemobile.

Do not take people without a valid ticket on the Lovemobile.

Do not climb on any structures such as speakers or scaffolding. The powerlines above will vaporize you.

Do not advertise from or on the Lovemobile in any form.

Keep your alcohol consumption in check.

Pay attention to your fellow Lovemobile users. No pushing and jostling.


The name says it all, the lifeguards from Baywatch in red swimsuit/bikini/swim trunks make their way around Lake Zurich again.


Free beer and softdrinks, CHF 5.– longdrinks and CHF 3 .– shots are available at the bar on our Lovemobile.


Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.


The organizers do not assume any liability.

Helpful links

The "Take care" page from the Street Parade has valuable infos on how to keep your Street Parade experience safe and sound.

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Secret Island

Exclusive Daytimers on the gold coast of Zürich

Join us for our Secret Island events this summer! Featuring an exclusive beachclub location right at the water of Lake Zürich, these events will be sure to bring your summer to another level.

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