Summer with SuNIce

Join us for a summer of love.

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Join us for the hottest ride around Lake Zürich on 12 August 2023 for the Street Parade, the biggest techno parade in the world!

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Welcome to Summer with SunIce!

SunIce Festival 2023 is over, but we have plans.

We're glad to announce that we'll be back at the Street Parade. Stay tuned for more summer events and daytimers!

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Saturday, 12 August 2023

The SunIce Festival Lovemobile finds its colors in the beauty of nature. It's as blue as the sky over St. Moritz, as white as the snow-covered mountain landscape standing 2000 meters above sea level. The signature SunIce Red is used to accent key features, illustrating the contrast between the icy snow and the warm-hearted people.

The dress code for guests of the SunIce Festival Lovemobile mirrors this theme. With outfits in white, blue, and silver, guests complement the cool overall image of the Lovemobile. At the same time, your warmth and energy serve as a lively contrast, reflecting the heat amidst the chill.Come and join the SunIce Festival Lovemobile, a celebration of love, unity and music!


More TBA

Carla Durisch

Dangel Twins

Lell Nahar

Mister Alive


Impressions from 2022

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From 12:00–13.30 near Feldeggstrasse. See our Instagram story for the exact location or look for the SunIce Checkin-Table.


Starts at ~14:15 after the final security check.


No drugs on the Lovemobile.

Do not take people without a valid ticket on the Lovemobile.

Do not climb on any structures such as speakers or scaffolding. The powerlines above will vaporize you.

Do not advertise from or on the Lovemobile in any form.

Keep your alcohol consumption in check.

Respect your surroundings.

Be open and tolerant and respectful towards all.

Help out where you can.

Everyone is equal here.


We're leaving the snowy peaks of St. Moritz, and are bringing the heat to Zürich. Hot blues, silvers and whites are the motto!


Softdrinks & Water: Free
Beer: CHF 3.– / Longdrinks: CHF 8.– / Shots CHF 3.–


Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.


The organizers do not assume any liability.

Helpful links

The "Take care" page from the Street Parade has valuable infos on how to keep your Street Parade experience safe and sound.

Secret Island

Exclusive Daytimers on the gold coast of Zürich

Join us for our Secret Island events this summer! Featuring an exclusive beachclub location right at the water of Lake Zürich, these events will be sure to bring your summer to another level.

Stay tuned!

New Road To SunIce announcements coming soon!