The whole team wants to thank you once again for your support and trust over the last years! Thank you for having been part of this unique experience - it was just unbelievably crazy! 

We're still out of words to express our happiness! As a small token of our gratitude, we would like to present you with the SunIce Festival 2022 in 3 minutes and 40 seconds, because here it is at last: our official Aftermovie.

Sit back, enjoy the memories, and let your personal SunIce experience pass in review. That was wild! 

When we watch this masterpiece by our fantastic video team around Dylan Gonzalez (, we get all melancholic and wish we were back celebrating with you in the dome on Salastrains.

BUT, good news: we don't have to wait too long, because the next SunIce Festival event is coming very soon!

To make the time pass a little faster until the SunIce Festival 2023 (from 24 to 26 March 2023), there will be numerous Road to SunIce parties all over Switzerland again this year. We are looking forward to getting in the mood for the second SunIce season with you.

Better be ready!