Join the Beat – Own the Festival!

Exclusive and limited offer - become a co-owner of Switzerland's fastest-growing music festival!

It's time - the SunIce Festival is offering you the chance to be part of its long-term success story. Starting from just 160 CHF, you can become a co-owner of Switzerland's fastest-growing music festival and benefit from our promising growth forecasts. As part of our internal network, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Exclusive pre-purchase rights
  • 20% discount on share prices
  • Dividend payouts (starting from 2025) when we make a profit. As a preferred shareholder with dividend priority, you will receive at least 10% more dividends than common shareholders.
  • Be part of a unique festival and support us in establishing our brand nationally.

Why Invest in SunIce? Be the Beat Behind the Festival!

After three successful editions, SunIce offers the perfect investment opportunity to become part of a long-term success story. With the expansion to a second festival location in the summer, new growth and scaling opportunities are opening up.

  • Perfect timing
  • Solid foundation, strong partners!
  • Promising growth forecasts
  • No external capital or investment funds so far

Become a part of SunIce - Invest now!

With love, growth, and passion, SunIce Festival!