Current Situation

Unfortunately, the Federal Council’s decision on the 6th of January 2021 on the probable extension of the current restrictions as well as the announcement of new measures coming next week, let our hopes for the implementation of the SunIce Festival 2021 dwindle more and more.

We have been working on various scenarios all year and have always done our best to guarantee you a safe festival experience at SunIce Festival 2021. And that's exactly why the current development is so hard to accept for us. But that's also the reason why giving up is not and never will be a possibility for us.

Fortunately, we have a very creative team and we’re determined to find a solution so that SunIce Festival can take place in some form this year.

Therefore, we will make our final decision on January 30th, 2021, and inform you about the final call as well as the definite procedure.

Burning Questions

DJ Line Up

You can probably already guess why we haven't announced a DJ line up yet – after all, we don't want to spark any excitement for your favorite DJ, which we'll have to curb again afterward due to the development of the pandemic. But as soon as we are more certain about how we will proceed, the DJ Line Up will be communicated. But what we can already tell you is, which DJ will open the SunIce. Namely, the winner of our DJ Challenge on social media: DJ Oio


We recommend you to wait booking your accommodation until we can say with certainty if there will be a SunIce Festival 2021. Before that, it is hardly worth making a reservation. You also don't have to worry that you might be too late then and won't be able to find accommodation. In this year’s unusual winter, accommodations are usually available very spontaneously.

Ambassador Contest – Involving you

As you might have seen, we are currently in the preparation phase of the SunIce Ambassador Contest, which will start in the course of January. A contest that we have created for you and the rest of our community. A contest in which we are looking for the future representatives of the SunIce Festival with the help of our community - so it's in your hands. This contest is meant to entertain you, to inspire you and above all to let you participate. We want you to participate in the decision which contestant will advance to the next round and will have the chance to win the contest. We want you to have a say in which people will grace our Instagram feed and website in the future. But we also hope to give you a little weekly highlight during an extremely difficult time with this contest, which you can look forward to as part of the SunIce community. It's no comparison to the festival, but it's certainly better than sitting around at home waiting for the next Bachelorette season.

The SunIce Ambassador Contest will take place during 9 weeks - weekly on Sunday evening - completely on our Instagram account (@sunice.festival). If you are interested and want to participate (20% CH-share and between 1'000 and 20'000 followers required), you can contact us via Instagram DM or mail until 22nd of January.

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