SunIce Festival is not just a music festival, but promises its visitors a three-day "lifestyle experience". In addition to world-class DJs, the SunIce Festival's trump cards include various winter sports activities and a festival village with a breathtaking view of the Engadine mountains. In addition, the event will combine various art forms to arouse emotions.

Immersive art in the digital space

"The future of art is hybrid. This means that physical exhibitions or fairs will be supplemented by virtual spaces in the future," says photo-basel director Sven Eisenhut. The dedicated exhibition organiser knows what he's talking about and will co-curate the digital art gallery at the SunIce Festival, which was created in collaboration with the Swiss social media platform naoo. The so-called Digital Art Gallery will feature ten digital art positions handpicked by Sven Eisenhut. Visitors to the gallery will also be able to catch a first glimpse of the SunIce Festival's Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Here, too, the festival is jumping on a prevailing trend, says Sven Eisenhut: "I'm looking forward to seeing how visitors will react to this new art form". The SunIce NFTs are linked to a members' club called the SunIce Silverback Circle, which comes with unique benefits for buyers, and will be auctioned off after the festival.            

Works of art created live

But classical physical art is not to be neglected at the premiere of the SunIce Festival 2022, which is why an exciting project awaits the guests. The successful Swiss artist Ona Sadkowsky will create a work of art during two days (Sat and Sun) in a live performance at the festival. The young artist is looking forward to her first performance in front of an audience since the pandemic: "I myself spend a lot of time in the mountains in my free time and I really like electronic music. For me, this is a perfect combination that I can fully identify with." The resulting painting will then be auctioned off and part of the proceeds donated to charity. Through this diverse programme, visitors to the SunIce Festival will be able to experience art up close and "lose themselves in it, to be completely mindful for a moment," in the words of Ona Sadkowsky.